NFC Market Perspective

May 6, 2009 

We just returned from the Central States show in Cincinnati where we, like several other dealers we talked to, had a decent (but not great) show. Public attendance seemed slightly off and many dealers were still trying to preserve capital, however others were ready and willing to buy the right coins to fill their want lists. Gold remains the hottest item in the public interest, but we also had a fair amount of enthusiastic collectors looking for better-date, problem free coins to fill the holes in their collections. Of particular interest to collectors seemed to be Bust Halves and Early Commems. Notable sales included a very choice 1908-S $10 Indian in PCGS MS64 (CAC-approved) and a brilliant white 1879-CC Morgan Dollar in PCGS MS64.

The auction was eventful with several important coins being auctioned, the most prominent being the 1804 Dollar (Class III) in PCGS PR58 for $2,000,000 plus the hammer fee. Also sold in the Platinum Night session were the 1876-CC 20c in PCGS MS66 ($460,000) and the Bass specimen 1794 Dollar in NGC MS61 ($503,125). Back at our store, though we did experience the effects of a slowed market due to taxes last month,this week business has picked up considerably. While we certainly prefer our customary hectic pace there is a silver lining - the mint has been able to catch up on back orders for bullion product and the premiums have come down on one ounce gold coins. At NFCCOINS.COM expect to continue to see our inventory and services evolve to accommodate the many interests of our clients. In the last week we have added over 200 new items, now easier than ever to locate with the addition of our 'NEW' category and added icon. Furthermore, based upon your feedback, we are excited to share we will soon offer the opportunity for our clients to purchase IRA gold. We will be sure to let you know when this is in place so that all of you that have requested this service will be able to take advantage of it. The coin market continues to gain favor among newcomers who recognize value for their investment. It is with deepest appreciation that we thank you for allowing us to assist you with the building of your prized collection and meet your numismatic needs. As always if you have questions, comments or do not see what you are looking for, please give us a call so that our consultants can assist you.

** This just in... immediately prior to sending this we have just acquired a collection of rare and better date $20 Libs certified by PCGS & NGC, look for them to begin making their way to the website very soon! **



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